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Aldi is simpler, faster, more cost-effective for shoppers

October 18, 2019

Kantar, the research, data and insights expertise firm recently released results from a study on grocery shopping. Erica Sacra of The Shelby Report online reported on the results of the study which included 700 qualified study participants ages 18-64 across four regions of the country. In her story Sacra wrote, “New study results from Kantar indicate that Aldi shoppers find the retailer easier to navigate, faster and more fun compared to other grocery stores more often than Walmart Supercenter shoppers find Walmart Supercenters to be on these measures.”

“The study findings concluded 77 percent of the participants who identified as primary grocery shoppers and shopped at Aldi agree the store is “simpler to shop” compared to other grocery stores. It also showed it is at least 20 percent faster to shop at Aldi than at Kroger and Walmart stores”, wrote Sacra. Sacra’s story also mentions that 9 out of 10 respondents reported Aldi is “more cost-effective” than other grocery stores.

Click the link here to read the full story in The Shelby Report:  Aldi is simpler, faster, more cost-effective for shoppers